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Related article: Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2009 22:08:46 -0500 From: Subject: After Eighteen YearsAfter Eighteen Years by Kathy-Anne NeimannThis is purely a work of fiction. All characters and situations are fictional. All rights reserved. If you like it or have any pointers for me, feel free to email me. Enjoy!Sharon collapsed into the couch, her younger sister Lynn fell into the chair beside it. Both women sighed with exhaustion and each took a healthy drink of the glasses of white wine they'd been carrying."Merry Christmas," Sharon said, holding her glass up.Lynn held her own glass up and took a sip. "I can't wait until it's over," she said.Sharon nodded in agreement.It was approaching midnight, and they had just finished cleaning the dishes from their mother's annual Christmas party. The house had been full of people. Family and friends and friends of friends. Mother had had the party catered, but there was still a lot of cleanup, and a lot of wine glasses and juice tumblers that needed to be washed. For two hours, the two women had been cleaning dishes. Then, they had taken the kids' presents out of their clever hiding places and put them under the tree, moving as quietly as possible to keep from waking their families up. Now that the chores were over, the sisters indulged themselves in a bottle of wine while they relaxed in the living room. The tree was gorgeous, and the women had a long quiet moment while they stared at the colorful lights, and the enormous collection of wrapped gifts underneath t he branches, and listened to a CD of Christmas carols sung by their favorite country singers.Lynn's kids, five year old Leah and seven year old Matthew Jr., were asleep in Lynn's old room, snoring gently in Lynn's old bed. Her husband Matthew was in the guest room, having passed out an hour ago, after everyone else had left. Sharon's kids and husband were camped out in Sharon's old room. Joseph on the bed, twelve year old Janette, and ten year old Paula in their sleeping bags on Lolita Toplists the floor. Their mother, Carol was in her room with her new husband Bert, both of them had crashed out right after the party ended. Carol had wanted to stay up and clean, but Lynn and Sharon wouldn't have it.It was nice to have a calm moment after all the activity. The two sisters drank their wines as they listened to the music and stared at the tree and appreciated the calmness.Lynn had her Christmas sweater on. Red with little green hollys above her left breast. Her kids had gotten it for her last year. She'd paired it with some khaki slacks that fit tightly around her midsection, which still showed a little evidence of her pregnancy, despite her best efforts to get rid of it.Sharon had her favorite jean skirt on, which came up to just below her knees and was slit halfway up the left side. She'd worn a semi-sheer red blouse, open just enough to show some cleavage.Sharon broke the silence, smiling wistfully as she enjoyed=2 0her wine. "Let me ask you something," she said."What?""Do you ever think about those things we used to do when we were kids?"Lynn paused while she finished her mouthful of wine. "What brought that on?" she asked.Sharon traced the lip of her glass with her finger. "Being in this house always makes me Lolita Toplists think about it.""I guess I think about it a lot. Not as much as I used to.""I still have some of those pictures you drew of me," Sharon said. "I still love the one of us on top of the cliff."Lynn cast her face downward, blushing. "We had some good times, didn't we?"Sharon nodded, thinking about the couch she was sitting on, where exactly eighteen years ago tonight, she and Lynn had first kissed as more than sisters.Eighteen years earlier, Sharon had been fourteen, and Lynn had been eleven. They had always been close, many times closer than any of their friends were with their siblings. Sharon played volleyball at her Junior High school, and was popular at school. Lynn was not very athletic, preferring to spend her time alone reading books in her room. Lynn remembered at the beginning of her sixth grade year (Sharon's ninth grade year) watching Sharon playing volleyball with her team, noticing her sister's butt moving in her black volleyball briefs, and gradually developing a crush on her older sister. She would later realize her crush was just a typical pre-teen girl-crush, but at the time seemed intense and uncontrollable. She would lean against the bathroom door, listening to Sharon when she was in the shower. When she was alone in the house, she would roll around on Sharon's bed, and when she was feeling particularly naughty, she'd rifle through Sharon's underwear drawer, trying on the frilly and satiny things that didn't even fit her.She'd been jealous of Sharon's body, and was fascinated with Sharon's bras. At fourteen, Sharon was pretty well endowed, but Lynn was flat as a board. Sharon's hips were growing wide and curvy, while Lynn's body was skinny and straight. Sharon had pubic hair, which she obsessively trimmed, while Lynn's area was only covered in light blond peach-fuzz. When Sharon wasn't around, Lynn would try on her bras, and admire herself in Sharon's full-length mirror.Sharon never told her sister that she knew she'd been going through her underwear drawer. She never told her that she was in Lynn's room one day looking for a pencil eraser, and came across a series of drawings she'd made of Sharon. Crude, but promising drawings of Sharon playing volleyball, or posing in her bras. In one picture, she and Lynn were standing on a dramatic cliff, dressed in long, flowing dresses, holding each other and kissing passionately. At first, all this disturbed her, but eventually, she found it flattering. In fact, the secret attention that her sister was paying her started her thinking in that way about Lynn, despite the fact that she had had a steady boyfriend of three months. Sure, her sister was physically underdeveloped, but she was attractive just the same. Long, blond hair usually done up in pigtails. Lithe, coltish legs. Silly sense of humor and radiant smile.Sharon would tease her sister. Knowing Lynn's fascination with her lingerie, she would leave a blouse button unbuttoned, and relish the way Lynn would drive herself nuts trying not to look at her exposed bra. She would walk into Lynn's room after a shower, wearing a towel around her brown hair and another around her body. When they went shopping, Sharon always took Lynn into Victoria's Secret, asking her if she liked this pair of panties, or this one better. She made mental notes about which types of lingerie Lynn liked.The girls would watch TV together and Lynn would snuggle up against her sister, enjoying her scent, loving just being close to her. Sharon loved it too, but tried not to show it.At first, it was innocent. A playful teasing of her sister, but as this went along, and Sharon saw how intensely Lynn looked at her, she began to wonder if she was developing feelings for her own sister. At night, she'd carry herself to sleep with thoughts of Lynn, dancing in her room, wearing Sharon's underwear.That Christmas Eve, after their mom went to bed, Sharon snuck out of20her room and down the hall to the living room. Lynn was awake, watching TV on the red couch, wrapped in a quilt their mom had made a few years earlier."Hey," Sharon said."Hey," Lynn said back. She held open the quilt, and Sharon climbed under it. The girls snuggled up together and settled in."Whatcha watching?" Sharon asked."Nothing," Lynn said. "Just channel surfing.""Hey," Sharon said suddenly, "Let me ask you something.""What?""Can I kiss you?"Lynn pulled back, comically. "What?""You heard me.""You want to kiss me?"Sharon nodded, and chewed at her lower lip."Why?""I know that you go through my underwear drawer."Lynn blushed hotly and turned away from her sister, opening her mouth to form some sort of denial, but unable to produce one."It's okay," Sharon laughed. "I minded it at first, but now I think it's kinda cute.""Really?""Yeah," she said. "And I found those pictures you drew of me.""Oh, God," Lynn said. "I'm so embarrassed.""Don't be!" Sharon told her. "They're really good! You should be an artist!""Yeah," Lynn scoffed. "Naked pictures of my sister. Who would w ant to buy art from that kind of a creep?""There are creepier people out there," Lynn said. "My favorite one of your pictures is the one of you and me on the cliff kissing.""Oh, Jesus," Lynn said, holding her face in her hands. "I never wanted anyone else to see those as long as I lived!""Too late," Sharon said. "I figured as long as you were getting your jollies out of my underwear, I might as well see if you had any secrets."Sharon could sense Lynn's mortification. She put her arm around her sister. "Hey," She comforted, "It's okay. I think they're great, and I'm flattered that my beautiful, talented little sister is drawing pictures of me.""They don't mean anything!""Yes, they do," Sharon said.There was silence as Lynn kept her gaze away from Sharon, and Sharon picked her next words."So?" Sharon asked."So what?""Can I kiss you?""Why do you want to kiss me?"Sharon laughed. "Because I think you're cute, you twit.""I didn't know you liked girls."After a beat, Sharon met her sister's eyes. "I like you."They stared at each other for a long time, the tension in the room was incredible, the weight of their shared gaze was a heavy, physical=2 0thing. Sharon moved toward Lynn slowly, millimeter by millimeter. Lolita Toplists When Lolita Toplists she saw that Lynn wasn't backing away, she pursed her lips and closed her eyes, moving in for the kiss.They pecked at each other a few times. Then Sharon pressed harder, and probed Lynn's lips with her tongue. After a few moments, Lynn opened her own mouth and admitted Sharon's tongue. Their tongues entangled in one another as their wet lips smacked, and they breathed heavily through their noses. Sharon put her arm around Lynn's stomach, and pulled her closer, never breaking the kiss.All of Lynn's resistance fell when Sharon gingerly ran her hand over her breasts. Gently caressing them through Lynn's pajama top, running her fingers over them, front side and back side, rhythmically.Without breaking their magical kiss, Sharon took one of Lynn's hands in hers and placed it on her breast. The younger sister hesitated for a moment, then squeezed gingerly, then more forcefully. She pinched at Sharon's nipple, causing her to giggle, which broke their kiss.Sitting on the couch, forehead to forehead, breathing heavily in the comfortable glow of the Christmas tree, they touched each others faces and necks and shoulders. "Well?" Lynn asked. "Was it everything you thought it'd be?"Sharon nodded. "And more."Their breathing slowed, and it was a few minutes before Sharon asked, "Let me ask y ou another question.""Okay.""Can I take your top off?"Lynn's smile faded, ever so slightly. "My boobs aren't as big as yours," she said."It's okay, stupid," Sharon said. "They will be. I just want to feel your body on mine.""Does that mean I can take your top off?"Sharon nodded."Okay, then."Digging under the quilt, they each pulled the pajama top off the other, exposing their naked nubile torsos to each other. Lynn ran the tips of her fingers hypnotically over the smooth flesh of Sharon's breast, and Sharon cupped one of her sisters unformed fleshy mounds in hers. Their gaze burned hotly Lolita Toplists as they felt each other up.This time, Lynn moved in, forcing Sharon onto her back. Their warm bodies moving against one another in the cold house. Lynn kissed her sister forcefully, ravenously, as their hands explored each other.Breaking their kiss to allow themselves to breath, Sharon said, "Let me ask you something else.""What?" Lynn managed through heavy panting."Can I put my hand in your bottoms?""Jesus Christ, I thought you'd never ask," Lynn said. Without waiting for permission, she put her own hand down Sharon's bottoms, as Sharon was digging into Lynn's.Their fingers explored each other's gorgeous folds of flesh. Lynn pinched at Sharon's clit as Sharon made circles with her hand around her sister's. Their breathing intensified, and turned into tiny gasps of pleasure. Lynn slid a finger inside her sister, and then another one. Sharon responded, deftly tickling Lynn's g-spot while still playing with her clit.After a long time, during which the TV went completely unnoticed, the sisters climaxed together, willing themselves to hold in their cries of pleasure so that they didn't wake up their mom in her bedroom. Sharon watched Lynn's face as she came, her hooded eyes and open mouth were incredibly powerful. Lynn collapsed on top of Sharon, their fingers still inside each other. They lay like that for a long time, catching their breath, and kissing."That was awesome," Lynn said."I know," Sharon responded."You know," Lynn said, "I'm probably going to want to do that a lot with you."Sharon giggled. "I'm okay with that."After a while, they turned off the TV and each went to their respective beds, giving each other an altogether un-sisterly goodnight kiss as they parted.Their lovemaking sessions continued, at regular intervals. Until Sharon went off to college, their teenage bodies were all the sisters knew of sex. It was natural, it was beautiful, it was perfect. Their love for one another transcended the boundaries of filial love, and they were very happy. The night before she left, S haron and Lynn made love so forcefully, they thought they were both going to collapse from exhaustion.After Sharon went to college, the girls didn't see as much of each other, and they each fell into their own relationships. Their adventures with each other seemed childish, stupid and ridiculous. Neither liked thinking about them too much, as they'd moved on in their lives. But it was always at the back of their minds, their special bond they'd shared as teenagers in this house, on this couch.Eighteen years later, staring into their wine glasses, reliving their own favorite memories, the sisters sat in silence, listening to the music, revelling in the glow of the Christmas tree."I was watching your ass move all night as you were walking around," Sharon said, quietly. "I wanted to grab it and squeeze. I wanted to take you into the basement and feel you up like we did when we were kids.""How did all this come about?" Lynn asked."I guess I saw the picture of us in Mom's room, the one we took on the beach in California?"Lynn nodded. The picture was of the two girls in their two-piece swim suits, hugging each other and smiling brightly for the camera. Sharon's teenage nipples prominent, and Lynn's suit giving her a handsome camel-toe."If Mom knew what we did in that motel room that night, she'd shit herself," Lynn said."I know," Sharon said, laughing.They sat in silence, listening to the familiar melodies of the Christmas songs, sipping at their wine."So let me ask you something," Sharon said."What?""If I was to pull up my skirt and lay down on my back, would you come over here and kiss me?"Lynn nodded slowly. "I believe I would."Sharon drank off the rest of her wine, put her glass down and lay on her back on the couch, the very same couch they'd first tasted each other on. Scooching her butt around, she got the hem of her skirt above her hips, revealing her black lycra panties with the lace waistband. She put her arms behind her head and watched as Lynn stood, unbuckling her belt and unzipping her slacks.Lynn lay on the couch, on top of her sister, and for the first time in fourteen years, they kissed just as passionately as when they first had.Their hands roamed all over each other's bodies. Sharon's hands inside Lynn's pants, squeezing her butt through her silky white panties.Sharon opened her legs and let her sister grind her crotch into hers. The motion and the friction causing immediate waves of pleasure to radiate through Sharon's body. Lynn unbuttoned Sharon's blouse, and kissed her black bra, biting playfully at her nipples. Sharon pulled Lynn's red sweater over her head, revealing her own red bra, the cups of which were sheer, and her nip ples easily visible beneath the fabric.Lynn sat up, unclasping her bra, while Sharon eased herself up to work on her own. Soon they were off, and the women were back into each Lolita Toplists other, grinding and kissing and caressing passionately.Lynn's hand found it's way into the front of Sharon's panties, and Sharon slid over on the couch, causing them to lay on their sides. Lynn pushed Sharon's panties down her legs, and Sharon opened them wide to admit her sister's questing fingers. She then put her hand inside Lynn's panties, and tickled at the secret place she hadn't touched in more than a decade."God, I love you, Sharon," Lynn breathed, as her sister worked a finger, and then two inside her."I love you too, Lynn.""I didn't realize how much I missed this!"Their hands worked as their lips pressed into each other. Their breathing was heavy and powerful. Cooing sounds escaped their lips, and stifled moans of pleasure burst free.When the climax came, it came for both of them at the same time. They shuddered and clutched at one another, clenching their bodies together and gripping tightly. After the throes of ecstasy passed, they lay, holding each other close and listening to the sounds of their breathing.And then, another sound. "Ahem!"Lynn and Sharon looked up and saw their mom standing in the living room, in front of the Christmas tree, arms folded in front of her and a look of utter confusion on her face.Sharon could imagine how it must have looked to her. Her two daughters, on the couch, the eldest one with her legs spread as wide as they could go, the youngest with her slacks bunched at her ankles. Both women topless and both still with their fingers inside one another."Hi Mom," Lynn said, eventually. "Can you keep a secret?"
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